Exhibition on Voice Hearing Durham University – 5th November 2016 – 26th February 2017

An exhibition on voice hearing is going to take place at the Palace Green Library, Durham University, Durham, England from 5th November 2016 – 26th February 2017.

The exhibition is being mounted by then Library service and the “Hearing the Voice” interdisciplinary research project (hearingthevoice.org) and overseen by a steering group that includes representatives from Hearing Voices networks.

Paul Baker has been commissioned to co-curate the part of the exhibition entitled “Communities and Collectives – the story of people’s movement”

This section of the exhibition will:

  • Celebrate the ways the Hearing Voices movement has helped people around the world accept and make sense of their experiences and fight for social justice
  • Highlight the distinctiveness of voice hearing that has given rise to a powerful people’s movement, that has politics and is an experience people come together in groups to explore
  • Underscore the significance of the movement to public and clinical understandings of hearing voices
  • Improve public understanding of voice hearing
  • Reduce discrimination and misconceptions

The display will be divided into three sections:

1. The Story, 2. The Community, and 3. The Future

How you can help? They are looking for all kinds of objects that will help to illustrate the work and thinking of the Hearing voices movement from around the world.

These could include:

Photographs of people, groups, meetings and conference’s. (One suggestion from Dirk Corstens is to include photographs of people before and after they became part of the movement). Posters, flyers and other promotional information about Congresses, meetings and groups Publications, books, booklets, pamphlets T shirts, clothing, conference bags and handouts, key rings etc Videos, films, articles and news items about the Hearing voices approach Art work and other representations of voices And … all sorts of things!

Please contact Paul if you have something that you would be willing to have included in the exhibition. Please send all your suggestions and ideas to Paul Baker at paul@imhcn.org