Cycling in memory of Sandra & HVNI Raising Funds

Harry will be cycling across Europe to raise funds for HVNI in memory of Sandra Escher

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Harry Gijbels, a Board member of the Hearing Voices Network Ireland, and active in the Hearing Voices Movement now for many years, started his annual long distance cycle a few days ago.

The journey takes him from Cherbourg in France to Marburg in Germany and then on to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, covering between 1500 and 2000 km. This year, he is, with permission from Marius Romme, dedicating the journey in honor of Sandra Escher, who died recently. Sandra has been called the ‘mother of the Hearing Voices Movement tribe’. Sandra, together with her partner, Marius Romme, developed many new ways in working with voice hearers, helping them and others to make sense of their voices.

Raising awareness and providing Hearing Voices training opportunities are important aspects of the work of Hearing Voices Network Ireland (HVNI). So, alongside this dedication, HVNI is keen to raise the necessary funds to develop promotional and educational materials, and to provide training opportunities. Our target is to raise €2000, in other words approx. €1 per km cycled by Harry. We hope that you can support this good cause! Harry will provide daily updates via his Facebook page, including the kilometers cycled!

More information on the HVNI Facebook page.